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Do you have a Prayer Request or a Testimony for us? 


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Prophetic Words Over Central Christian Church


April 10, 2017: Stephanie Wong, Transformation School.  The presence of the Lord is here.  Are you ready? The power of God Exudes, Overflows, Covers all.  The presence of the Lord is here.  Receive of His grace.  Receive of His blessings.  Receive, Receive, Receive.


April 10, 2017 Lynda Carrol, Transformation School.  She saw angels with vials of oils of gladness, healing, joy  and balms of Gilead.. they became pitchers of angelic outpouring like a waterfall of God... refreshment during worship.


April 10, 2017 Mary Lynn, Transformation School.  Saw a waterfall during worship flowing over all of us and living water flowing over us refreshing us and filling us afresh... His love and blessings under the gate where the glory flows out.


April 4, 2017: Kimi Hill, Transformation School. I saw a picture of the God head, Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit operating a catapult.  We were taking turns each one catapulting over the castle wall into a pile of hay on the other side.  And we were helping, so three women would help with the catapult and 1, 2, 3 up would go the other women over the wall.  And God is calling us to help one another to catapult over the walls in our lives and to be air borne.  And it is fun being air borne, we are out of control, but the breath of God's spirit is there, to get us over the walls in our lives and to discover the things of the spirit and we can be certain that we have a safe landing.


March 7, 2017: Stephanie Wong.  The Lord will visit Central Christian Church...the Lord's glory will fill this place...Rivers of gold over flowing into the streets...Signs and wonders shall flow...Richness of divine healing...Divine deliverance...Divine appointments...Rich financial blessings...Restoring of families...Breakthroughs...A Mighty wave of God's anointing and blessings are upon us and coming soon. People will see God's glory...neighbors, will not go unnoticed...All will know and All will believe that the Lord is Alive and Loves them.


March 7, 2017: J.H.... "During worship, I sensed the Lord wanted me to reach up and "pull heaven down" so in faith I reached up and pulled down.  I saw like a flexible shelf sticking out and as I pulled heaven down, it bent into a chute.  I could see an innumerable amount of gold coins and as I bent the shelf down, they started pouring out and down on us.  Later during the worship I felt I was to reach up and pull down again.  When I did, the chute formed again, but this time water poured down.. Not a trickle or a stream, but water gushed like rapids in a river.  Water gushing like the Wailuku River after days of heavy rain.


March 7th: Pastor Kimi Hill "God invited me to step into His heart and when I did, I could hear His heartbeat and His thoughts and His desires and He wants us to step into His heart so we move to the rhythm of His heartbeat.

November 2016:  Pastor Fika form Word of Life Oahu. "I saw youth coming thru the front doors, just scores of youth coming into your church."